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Posted 4 Jun 2019 by G_UK
Excellent news, tasks seem to be running well on my group of 64bit Pi3B's.

RAM usage is around 50MB which is good for letting it run in the background whilst the Pi's are doing their Primary Roles.
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Posted 25 Mar 2019 by G_UK
Right, I've got home and downgraded one machine back to the default Debian Buster Kernel


As you can see the jobs started failing again so something is wrong with this set-up. I'll next try rebuilding the Kernel with the Debian config applied to a Vanilla kernel.org 4.19 (with and without CONFIG_CGROUP_HUGETLB enabled), this should hopefully tell us if it is a Debian Buster specific patch that is throwing it off.
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Posted 25 Mar 2019 by G_UK

Why did you need to do this? Will the default Buster installation not support rootless containers?

I couldn't get the work units to run with the stock Buster Kernel and I saw the post by @pianoman mentioning that CONFIG_CGROUP_HUGETLB was not set in the kernel so I thought I would try enabling it.

After building a new Kernel with the mentioned features enabled the work-units could run so I posted what I had done to get it working. Since I did that however, @pianoman has posted to say his has suddenly started working so it may have been something else that has resolved itself and just coincided with me rebuilding the Kernel, when I get back home later I will have to switch one machine back to the stock Buster Kernel and test again.

Do we need to update the instructions?

When following these instructions for Debian/Ubuntu, I found that the cvmfs-release-latest_all.deb package sets up an apt repository for Ubuntu Precise rather than Debian Stretch.

This is a problem as there is a difference in version numbers for some cvmfs dependencies between Ubuntu and Debian. To fix it you need to edit the apt sources file that the package creates to point at the correct distribution.

Runc will ignore this but some features (which we may or may not need) will not be available. I will suppress those error messages in a future release

I think I was getting those because I didn't have net-cls or net-prio enabled in the kernel options. I did rebuild the kernel last night but have not had a chance to check it yet as I have been at work since. As mentioned above though I need to switch one machine back to the stock Debian Buster kernel tonight to double check.

Edit: Just checked one machines completed work units and everything after 8AM this morning is no longer getting the errors so the rebuild with net-cls and net-prio worked.

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Posted 24 Mar 2019 by G_UK
My tasks are now completing successfully however they still have errors in the log.

22:36:06 (28989): wrapper (7.15.26016): starting
22:36:06 (28989): wrapper (7.15.26016): starting
22:36:06 (28989): wrapper: running ../../projects/lhcathome.cern.ch_lhcathome/cranky-0.0.28 ()
22:36:06 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Detected TheoryN App
22:36:06 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Checking CVMFS.
22:36:06 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Checking runc.
22:36:06 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Creating the filesystem.
22:36:06 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Using /cvmfs/cernvm-prod.cern.ch/cvm3
22:36:06 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Creating cgroup for slot 8
mkdir: cannot create directory &#226;&#128;&#152;/sys/fs/cgroup/net_cls&#226;&#128;&#153;: Read-only file system
mkdir: cannot create directory &#226;&#128;&#152;/sys/fs/cgroup/net_prio&#226;&#128;&#153;: Read-only file system
22:36:06 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Updating config.json.
22:36:06 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Running Container 'runc'.
23:03:50 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Container 'runc' finished with status code 0.
===> [runRivet] Sun Mar 24 22:36:06 UTC 2019 [boinc pp jets 7000 - - pythia8 8.226 tune-CUETP8S1 100000 34]
23:03:50 2019-03-24: cranky-0.0.28: [INFO] Preparing output.
23:03:50 (28989): cranky exited; CPU time 2011.657096
23:03:50 (28989): called boinc_finish(0)

5) Message boards : Theory Application : Issues Native Theory application (Message 38417)
Posted 24 Mar 2019 by G_UK
OK, I have managed to get these Native tasks running on Debian Buster although it has several dependencies.

1) You will need to build a custom kernel, I built a stock 4.19 kernel from kernel.org with the following additional options enabled:
- All Controllers in "General Setup -> Control Group Support"
- All Namespaces in "General Setup -> Namespaces support"
- FUSE filesystem in "Filesystems -> FUSE"
(Note: you will need to enable additional drivers etc depending on your machine)

2) Set-up the CERN repo and Install CVMFS
Follow the instructions here https://cvmfs.readthedocs.io/en/stable/cpt-quickstart.html

For Debian you will need to edit the apt repo before installing CVMFS as it defaults to Ubuntu.
"sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cernvm.list"
deb http://cvmrepo.web.cern.ch/cvmrepo/apt stretch-prod main

"sudo apt update"

3) Singularity (for Atlas) can be installed direct from the Debian repo "sudo apt install singularity-container"

4) Set-up CVMFS as per the pinned instructions, as we have enabled namespaces in the kernel you can skip the "Enabling user namespace" step.

I think that is everything I had to do, I ended up getting most of the error messages that have been posted so far at various parts of getting this running.[/list]

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