1) Message boards : Number crunching : sixtrack 4.67 is being bad (Message 12887)
Posted 26 Feb 2006 by Profile Eric Myers
Which is the offending host? You have two active W2K hosts.
Have you run a RAM diagnostic? (www.memtest.org)
Has the hardware changed in the host?
Are your drivers/BIOS up to date?
Did it occur after a Windows Automatic Update?
Is your antivirus up to date/which is it/do you run AV?
Was there a sudden change to any firewall configuration?
Is your hard drive failing? (www.seagate.com/support/disc/asp/tools/en)

There are too many symptoms that could cause an application to lock up without knowing more information. Could you let me know some more info and maybe I can help you more. Good Luck.

All good questions. I've seen this on both W2K machines, but most recently on grendel. No changes in hardware or software, no Windows update, no changes in firewall, no problems with hardware or memory that I know of.

I'm also participating in other projects (Einstein@Home, SETI@Home and beta test, CPDN, and Predictor) and only saw this with LHC@Home.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : sixtrack 4.67 is being bad (Message 12859)
Posted 24 Feb 2006 by Profile Eric Myers
I'm having some problems with the latest version of sixtrack, on a Win2K machine, with BOINC 5.2.13. Even though the preferences say it should not do work when the computer is in use, it seems to keep on going, and it's taking over the keyboard/mouse. I can pop up the Task Manager, which shows sixtrack as "not responding". About every 6 seconds or so the mouse pointer shows up somewhere and I have less than a half second to do something. By waiting patiently and doing one little bit every 6 seconds I was able to
kill the sixtrack task from the Task Manager, but another one poped up. So with lots of additional small steps every 6 seconds I was able to get BOINC manager up, get to the Commands menu, and hit "suspend". That stopped it.

In recent weeks I've had similar problems with another W2K box but I wan't able to figure out how to stop it without a reboot. I hope this additional info on how it's (mis)behaving is useful feedback.

3) Message boards : Team invites : Pirates boarding LHC (Message 5872)
Posted 22 Feb 2005 by Profile Eric Myers
Attention all hands from Pirates@Home. Ye now be welcome to join the Pirates@Home team on LHC@Home. Ye should of course be cranking for Einstein@Home most of the time, but a few spare cycles to get the LHC build proper is a good cause too. Hop to and look lively lads (and lasses).

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