1) Message boards : ATLAS application : 100% CPU Use (Message 45764)
Posted 29 Nov 2021 by Stars
Anyone else having Vbox headless suddenly having 100% (or close) CPU usage? Looking at the VDI settings, under system they are now set to use ALL 8 cores, 10GB of main memory and 100% CPU time. The settings are grayed out so all I can change it the CPU max usage. the next 10 coming up in que are the same way. and they dont seem to want to slow down when I use my machine (other BOINC projects do). As a side issue, when I shut down windows the headless do not seem to want to shut down on there own, I have to tell windows to restart anyhow. Has been that way even with win7. I do have latest VBox, Win10 X64, 24GBRAM. AMD 8 core processor.

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