1) Message boards : News : Service back; 5th October (Message 26856)
Posted 6 Oct 2014 by Code11

I have received today 6 tasks from LHC "sd_HL"

So far four of them are completed and ready for upload!

Thanks for removing the error WU.

Good luck with the LHC restart in 2015!

2) Message boards : News : Three Problems, 22nd May. (Message 26782)
Posted 3 Oct 2014 by Code11

Im posting here, because im getting "Computation Errors" in mostly of LHC Tasks

I do have a OC computer and i have done a lot of tests lately to find if it was from the overclock

I have done Tests with LINPACK, Prime95, and Memtest x86, Memtest x64, and windows mem test.

none had give me an error with the current OC.

I do Compute for World grid comunity and other without errors.

Can anyone advise?

Best regards

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