1) Questions and Answers : Windows : email address conflict? (Message 8159)
Posted 22 Jun 2005 by Greg Smith
> Use the lost password link to get a new copy of your key sent to you. You may
> have to log out of the website and log back in to find it.
John, Thanks for the help. I could not find a "lost password link" on the site (and I checked every link), so I assume you meant: Your account->Email address->Edit. Unfortunately, I could not change my email address to the same thing (it said, "nothing has changed") so I changed the address to a work email address. Now I can not change it back to the original address, because I get a "There's already an account with that email address" message. I'll think I'll just skip LHC for a while.......
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : email address conflict? (Message 8155)
Posted 21 Jun 2005 by Greg Smith
To All,

I have been receiving errors like this from LHC for about a week or so: "6/20/2005 10:12:07 PM|LHC@home|Message from server: Email address conflict for account key. Visit this project's web site to get current account key." I have detached and reattached and pasted my account inforamtion from my original e-mail, but still get this message. Has anyone seen this message? Should I get another account? I am using BOINC 4.45.

... Greg @ Peepz

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