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Posted 21 May 2010 by all4naija
Please, come to join Teamnaija. Science is one of the hottest topics in town.

You can join the TeamNaija at lhc@home -->

You can join the discussion forum--> http://teamnaija.freeforums.org

There is more to LHC(Large Hadron Collider) than meet the eyes.

Note:To all young Nigerians Scientists and Scientists to be(am calling on of you to join this team). The new world(so called modern world) technology is largely studied at the quantum level of things --possibly you are familiar with quantum mechanics,you must have heard of or read about positrons, neutrinos,hadrons,dark matters,anti-matters,etc the core of all matters at atomic/subatomic level. At the moment, most of the works in trying to unify the four fundamental forces of Physics(which gravitation is not included in the Standard Model)are still on theoretic observation of things. And, this could be an avenue for us to get along with the bandwagon.Gravitons(particles possessing gravitation force)as postulated, I for one , having a weaker force but has furthest reach is a much interesting thing to hypothesize about. Young mindful Nigerians ,I think we can do this.

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