1) Message boards : CMS Application : CMS does not release resources when paused (Message 45090)
Posted 28 Jun 2021 by Ruud van der Kroef
CMS does not release resources when paused by manager, p.e. because I want to give a back-up job the possibility to run.
BOINC manager indicates task(s) are paused: counters (progress, elapsed time, etc.) stop, but the task(s) continue to run, according to TaskManager.
I have to terminate BOINC manager and stop all active tasks, otherwise a back-up job, that would normally take about 1.5 hours, will take 8+ hours.
2) Message boards : CMS Application : EXIT_NO_SUB_TASKS (Message 44513)
Posted 18 Mar 2021 by Ruud van der Kroef
Same here.

Question: can I just put the tasks in my queue on hold, and wait for better times?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Completed, marked as invalid (Message 26925)
Posted 26 Oct 2014 by Ruud van der Kroef
From the last batch of WU's, I have about 90 that were 'awarded' with : Completed, marked as invalid.
If you look at for example task 47575574, the reports are:

Name w2_jobhllhc10_inj_400_w2__11__s__62.28_60.31__8_10__5__82.5_1_sixvf_boinc8503_1
Workunit 22448500
Created 24 Oct 2014, 16:42:28 UTC
Sent 24 Oct 2014, 22:55:22 UTC
Received 25 Oct 2014, 7:46:47 UTC
Server state Over
Outcome Success
Client state Done
Exit status 0 (0x0)
Computer ID 10283316
Report deadline 1 Nov 2014, 14:27:36 UTC
Run time 4,695.46
CPU time 4,454.09
Validate state Invalid
Credit 0.00
Application version SixTrack v451.07 (pni)

and Stderr output looks like this:

09:26:33 (5548): called boinc_finish


My wingmen show the same output, but their results are valid (thus the Validate state).
Maybe somebody can shine a light on this.
Thanks, Ruud
4) Message boards : News : Very long jobs (Message 24689)
Posted 22 Aug 2012 by Ruud van der Kroef
I think I already received one: http://lhcathomeclassic.cern.ch/sixtrack/workunit.php?wuid=2801939, task #6150030.
It is running 13h30m (9h50m effective) at 9.4%, and BoincTasks estimates that it will take another 6 days to finish.

5) Message boards : News : Status/Plans, 7th August 2012 (Message 24661)
Posted 20 Aug 2012 by Ruud van der Kroef
Yes, being a former CDC engineer, that brings up a lot of memories.
The dead start panel on the 6x00 had 12 rows of toggle switches, each row representing a 12-bit (PP) word. The later Cyber 180 (initialy Cyber 170/800) had 20 rows of 16 switches.
If I really think hard, I can come up with the dead start switch settings to dead start (IPL in IBM terms) the machine from punched cards / magnetic tape/ disk.
It's a long time since.


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