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Posted 3 Oct 2014 by Profile Stephen Uitti
I've started getting LHC units that, after 20 to 40 minutes of computation, error out. The error is that it runs out of disk space. During the run, disk space does indeed increase. The error says something like it got to 210 MB out of 197 MB. I get the impression that it could get to 400 MB if it finished. That would be OK with me. The machine i noticed it on has traditionally been tight on disk. So i moved all of BOINC on that machine to a drive with 50 GB free. I also changed my LHC preferences from 1 GB to 9 GB, and so on. I did UPDATE in the BOINC manager to get the new prefs there. It still does the same thing, claiming the same limits. This is now confirmed on Linux and Windows. I've told my machines to not get new units, and suspended any in progress.

What else is there to try?

I remember when 200 MB of disk was huge. Now it seems reasonable to put it in RAM. Perhaps it still is huge for some.

Edit: For example, task 44828602

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