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Posted 19 Jul 2008 by Phil
I have been an active member of SETI at Home before BOINC started but I converted as soon as I could and am involved with 8 projects in total.
I love SETI but really got excited about the LHC Project, something which I have been looking foreward too for a long time. I teach Physics at High School level and I have always loved High Energy Physics.
PROBLEM - LHC does not run on any of my systems. I have 3 Apples (Mac OSX 10.5.4)and two PC's (XP Professional). LHC does not run on any of them. I have never had a single download from the site, no matter what I do or try. What the PHOTON is going on? As all of my others projects run perfectly!

Damn it all! Caruthers I want this one to run and give us the answers to the ultimate Question?

42 to you and yours,

Phil Nelson.

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