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Message 10038 - Posted: 10 Sep 2005, 14:48:14 UTC - in response to Message 10025.  

Will there be a Windows version available then? If so, will I be able to sign up in advance for that, either beta testing client or full application?

They did post this.
"Posted 9 Sep 2005 21:51:27 UTC
Last modified: 9 Sep 2005 21:53:48 UTC

Of course, many users here are wondering when a windows client will be available, so it might be useful to better explain the present situation.

From my point of view, it doesn't really matter on what platform the application is running. In general, a very good agreement between results from different platforms will be achieved. But, since I work and develop using a Linux machine, now I'm providing the client for Linux only. This because it takes to me only minutes (really!) from the source code modification to the release of the new version of application on o@h. At this point in the development, I'm settin up all the BOINC processes so that it can run smoothly, and at the same time I'm extending the scientific application. It would not help now to have many different clients for different platforms, because the problems I'm solving now can be spotted easily using one platform only, and providing more clients would only slow down this process at this time.

Also, even considered I haven't tried yet to compile under Windows, I'm sure that it's not going to take weeks to get something running, but hopefully only a few days of work. So when I'll be satisfied with the application itself, I'll start to compile clients for other platforms. And keep in mind that the whole project is open-source, so people is allowed to download the source and compile it for any platform. I'm not providing the source yet, since it's changing so fast, but interested users can ask it and I'll send it to them, with only very limited support and no documentation at this time.

So please be patient, and remember: this could also be a good reason to try Linux! As the knoppix website says: from zero to Linux in 5 minutes..."

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Robert Laughlin

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Message 10066 - Posted: 11 Sep 2005, 13:12:04 UTC - in response to Message 10038.  

<blockquote>"So please be patient, and remember: this could also be a good reason to try Linux! As the knoppix website says: from zero to Linux in 5 minutes..."</blockquote>

Thankyou for the timely information, and good luck with your coding. As for linux, if I had a spare computer I would try; I run too many windows apps to dual boot this machine. So I will patiently wait for the windows version and for registration to reopen.

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Message 10829 - Posted: 21 Oct 2005, 22:03:17 UTC

October 21, 2005
In the last month, we've not been able to work on orbit@home on a daily basis for various reasons, but still some important results have been achieved. The most important improvements to orbit@home are the result of the collaboration with Pan-STARRS ( researchers in order to be ready to analyze their observations as soon as their survey starts (first light for PS1 prototype is scheduled for early 2006) and the observations are made publicly available. This requires substantial science-code development, and the results so far are extremely positive. As the first wave of WU demonstrated, the code based on ORSA works correctly on remote clients (only Linux platform tested for the moment). In order to provide WUs on a daily basis, we are developing a science-database and the relative management code. This will take a fair amount of time, about two more months of work. For this reason, the beta phase will be postponed to early 2006. Clients for Windows and Mac OS X will be provided as soon as the scientific application is considered sufficiently stable on the Linux platform. All the clients will be provided and tested during the alpha phase, to fix all the major problems before the beta phase.
Linux Users Everywhere @ BOINC
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